Golf Cart Batteries

Golf Cart Batteries

BatteryWe sell a complete line of golf cart batteries, cables and chargers; batteries suitable for virtually every type of cart.  But we don’t just sell our customers golf cart batteries; we will do our best to educate you on how to maintain the batteries, enabling you to get full value from your investment…maximizing the life of the battery.

Proper Care & Maintenance of Deep Cycle Batteries

To prolong the life of your golf cart battery, the deep cycle batteries need regular care and proper maintenance.  Download this Battery Care Sheet and print it out for ready reference. This are just a handful of the numerous care and maintenance instructions on the download

  • New golf cart batteries should always be given a full charge before use
  • New batteries need to be cycled several times before reaching full capacity (20 – 50 cycles, depending on type). Usage should be limited during this time.
  • Golf cart battery cables should be intact and the battery connectors kept tight at all times
  • Golf car batteries should be kept clean, free of dirt and corrosion at all times


Download Battery Care Guide    Download Battery Wiring Guide


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