2019 Advanced EV Shuttle Bus

2019 Advanced EV Shuttle Bus

The Shuttle Bus People Mover Series is available in multiple seating arrangements:

  • 8 Seater
  • 11 Seater
  • 14 Seater

The S-Series shuttle bus is available as 48V 4kW (model S-8 only) and 72V DC 6.3kW motors as standard.  You have an option to order the 5kW (48V) and 7.5kW AC motor configurations for longer distances.

Drive these minibuses and the passengers in style.

The clean, sleek lines raise the bar on people movers in the industry.

These buses offer you a quiet, environment friendly, and spacious ride.

Whether you provide facility tours, amusement park parking shuttle service, or need to provide the most elegant and economical appearance to visitors and guests, the S-series electric shuttle bus will deliver.


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